The faculty is served by:
  1. The University of Khartoum Main Library
The main library  provides services and facilities to the staff and students of all Faculties. In addition to the usual stock, it houses a good Oriental Collection of available and rare books and manuscripts. Computers, Internet and e-mail facilities boost the durability of the library facility. The Library is being completely refurbished and soon its operations will be digitalized to get up-to-date. 
2. Shambat campus library

Shambat Library Campus Serves undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Animal Production, Forestry and, also, Institute of Desertification and Animal Export Promotion. The library offers specialized scientific books in relevant areas of research. The scientific books are supplied to the library by the Department of Supply of the Main Library of the university. There are, also, theses of Master's and doctoral degrees since the year 1958. Many scientific journals are available in addition to the network that provides services to students and the teaching staff.


3. The Faculty library (Karib Library)

Named after late Professor Karib. It holds veterinary textbooks, periodicals, scientific reports and dissertations.

4. Departmental libraries