The Veterinary Hospital

The Hospital exists as a gateway that links science and research to the community since the formation of the faculty. It started as a Veterinary clinic that was apart of the former Division of clinical studies, and extended to grow with the recent departments that replaced the former body. The Veterinary clinic, based on the experience of a professional staff along with highly efficient diagnostic facilities of the different departments that share the supervision, offers outstanding veterinary service, and a reference hospital for challenge cases. The hospital provides a training facility for graduate students as well as researchers interested in veterinary technologies.

The Veterinary Clinic:

Information for the clients

  • Working daily Sunday – Thursday 8 AM- 3 PM
  • No appointment needed
  • Address: Khartoum North Shambat, South East Shambat Campus


Internal Medicine

This unit provides check up services for cases presented to the clinic. The unit also covers out cases visits for farms inside Khartoum State

Surgery & Anesthesia

The unit handles the cases that refer chemical restraining, and surgical interference as a diagnostic or therapeutic approach

Reproduction & Gynecology

This unit provides consultation on animal reproduction services including AI, pregnancy examination, follow up and help animals that in need of professional interference during parturition. The unit also offers consultation regarding infertility and repeat breeder cases


The Pharmacy

Dispenses therapeutics and medications for in- and out-patient cases presented to the Veterinary clinic. The pharmacy helps also providing vaccines and medicines for routine dewarming and dipping programs.

Support Services
  • Diagnostic Laboratory: 
  1. Examine routine samples that taken from patient to make final diagnosis
  2. Radio Imaging (X- ray) and ultrasonography unit:Provides diagnostic aids for cases admitted to the different sections of the hospital.
  • Clinic:
  1. Molecular biotechnology Laboratory
  2. Diagnostic and research laboratory that run genomic analysis to identify clinical indicators and markers to disclose the potential causative agents for diseases.