History & Mission

Higher veterinary education was introduced in the Sudan in 1938 when Khartoum Veterinary School was first established. That school was under the administration of the Department of Veterinary Services, Government of the Sudan. In 1945, Khartoum Veterinary School was united together with 4 other higher schools under the umbrella of Gordon Memorial College. The College was upgraded to a university college in 1947 and affiliated with the University of London. In July 1956, after the independence, the Gordon Memorial College was transformed to the University of Khartoum and that ended the "special relationship" with the University of London. In 1953, the Faculty of Veterinary Science was moved to Shambat from the old location which is currently part of the Faculty of Engineering, in Khartoum. Between 1940 and 1958 the graduates were awarded a Diploma and in 1959, the BVSc. degree was first awarded to 3 graduates.

The Faculty started with three departments for pre-clinical studies, Pathology and Animal Health. Addition of new departments occurred successively to reach 10 departments at the present time. At the beginning, the Faculty adopted the Annual Academic System and the language of teaching was the English language.
In 1990, the Arabic language was introduced for teaching. In 2002, the Faculty shifted towards the Semester system. In 2003, the name of the Faculty became "Faculty of Veterinary Medicine".

Mission & Objectives
  • Training and qualification of veterinarian at the levels of Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees
  • Provision of continuous training for the veterinary personnel working in the different fields of the profession
  • Conducting research activities and promotion of publication
  • Community service in terms of animal treatment and extension in the field of animal health, genetic improvement, public health and safety of food of animal origin, this is in collaboration with other institutions
  • Establishment of cooperation channels with other Faculties of Veterinary Science, research institutions, organizations and agencies at the local, regional and international levels.