Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia

Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia

The Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia was established as part of the Department of Clinical Studies

 in the early 1960s. The fast developing scope of information in the veterinary field made it indispensable to establish a separate department under the name of Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology  from early to late 1970s. Further and new information in the field of surgery and anaesthesia paved the way in 2002 for the creation of a separate department carrying the name of Surgery & Anaesthesia.

Undergraduate teaching

The department teaches three theoretical and practical undergraduate sylabi:

  1. Fourth level (semester 8) general surgery and anaesthesia.
  2. Fifth level (semester 9) special surgery I.
  3. Fifth level (semester 10) special surgery II.
Research activities

The department offers postgraduate training and qualifications for students at M.V.Sc & PhD levels  in the field of Surgery, Radiology & Anaesthesia.

Social activities

The department participates effectively and constantly towards social development via:

  1. Essential veterinary services to the surrounding community through well - established clinic and mobile Clinic.
  2. Extension services for the animal farm.
  3. Field training of postgraduate students.

Teaching and technical staff:

1 Associate Professor

3 Assistant Professors
1 Lecturer
4 Teaching Assistants
1 Technician