Department of Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry was established in 1988. It was incorporated in the Department of Preclinical Studies prior to that. The preclinical studies in addition to Biochemistry included also Physiology, Anatomy and Pharmacology. Later, the last was joined to the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology. Anatomy was separated as an independent department, and after a while the same thing happened to physiology and Biochemistry. The establishment of the Department of Biochemistry was due to the fact that biochemistry has advanced faster, and has assumed a more central role in biological research.

Current Head Department:

Dr. Nabiela Musa El Bagir

Previous Heads:
Professor Tag Eldin Mirgani (1988-1992).
Professor Hassan Mergani Musa (1992-1995)
Dr. Barakat Elhussein Mohammed Elmahdi (2003-2009).
Teaching and technical staff

  2 Assistant Professors

3 Lecturers

 1 Teaching assistants

 2 Technical Staff

Undergraduate Courses

 BiochemistryI (Bio 102) in first year second semester
 BiochemistryII (Bio 201) in second year first semester
 Applied Biochemistry (Bio 202) in the second year second semester

Postgraduate Courses

 M. Sc. (Biochemistry) program by course and Research:
The Department offers a program leading to the award of the degree of Master of Science in Biochemistry (MSc - Biochemistry) by course and complementary research. The course aims at:
  1. Qualifying students with recent knowledge and techniques in Biochemistry.
  2. Qualifying personnel with experience and capability in designing and execution research.
Clinical Biochemistry course:
The department, in association with the Faculty of Technological and Developmental Studies, offers a training program in Clinical Biochemistry as a postgraduate course for six weeks
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The Department of Biochemistry is located on the ground, 1st and 2nd floors of the Professor Yahia Mohamed Hassan building. Head Department office is on the 2nd floor in the southern half of the eastern part.



Department of Biochemistry

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

 University of Khartoum
 P.O. Box 32
 Postal Code 13314
 Khartoum North-Sudan
 Tel: +249185318255
 Fax: +249185312638

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