Department of Parasitology

The Department of Parasitology was established as a separate department in November 1986.  Currently the departmental objectives are to:

  1. Offer courses & programmes in different disciplines of Parasitology for the third year undergraduate students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
  2. Offer course programmes in different disciplines of Zoology for the first year undergraduate students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
  3. Qualify postgraduate students for Master and Ph.D. degrees for veterinarians and non veterinarians.
  4. Offer training for veterinarians and technicians from different aspects of medical fields.
  5. Run routine diagnosis of parasitic infections.
  6. Execute research projects on national and international levels e.g. Use of radioimmunoassay in diagnosis and control of bovine trypanosomasis, Survey of gastrointestinal parasites of dromedary camel...etc.

Current Head Department:

Current Staff:

3 Professors.

3 Associate Professors.

3 Assistant Professors.
1 Lecturer.
2 Technicians.
8 Laboratory Assistants and attendants.
  • Shared student’s laboratory for execution of practical classes with 120 students’ capacity.
  • One research Laboratory.
  • One diagnostic Laboratory.
Lecture rooms:
  • Shared Lecture room for postgraduates with 30 students capacity.
Laboratory animal facility.
Liquid nitrogen cryopreservation unit.
Ongoing Research activities:
  • Field investigations of parasitic diseases in camels (Funded by Kordofan Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Screening of different manufactures of trypanocidal drugs in drug stores in Khartoum State.
  • Immunosuppression in rats due to Trypanosoma evansi infection.

Undergraduate courses:

Courses for 1st year undergraduate students:

  1. Zoology (3 credit hours).
Courses for 3rd year undergraduate students:
  1. Helminthology (5 credit hours).
  2. Protozoology and Entomology (5 credit hours).

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